Principal Message

The education and empowerment of women in this age should be the most important goal. Any nation can't be faithful to its overall development and progress, if fifty percent of its population is illiterate. Assuming this objective as our goal, we believe women's education is paramount and hence we continue working in this direction.

Bihar government and the Department of Education is seriously dedicated towards the education of the girl child. With this resolution, Rajkiya Mahila Maha Vidyalaya is also making every possible effort for the overall development of female college students and to provide them the Modern Education System. Alongwith the arts, science and commerce education, the computer education is also provided in this college to ensure the proper development of internal talent according to the demands of the modern era.

There is a golden saying that "an educated woman makes an educated family, an educated family makes an educated society and an educated society makes a complete nation."